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Rosalind Franklin – Google Doodle

33Bridges - Rosalin Franklin Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle pays homage to Rosalind Franklin, a British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer who was the first to photograph and explore the DNA double helix structure. Her photograph – Photo 51 – was used and published by Maurice Wilkins, James Watson and Francis Crick without her approval. Wilkins, Watson and Crick, until most recently, were given credit for the findings and were awarded a Nobel Prize in the 1960′s. Today Rosalind Franklin is rightfully acknowledged as an integral part of the discovery of the DNA double helix structure.  She was a strong woman scientist that many little girls with an interest in science can look up to. If interested, Rosalind Franklin and DNA was a book written by Rosalind’s close friend that helped to set the record straight.

33 Bridges Author: Damara




Useful Advertising – IBM + Ogilvy&Mather


IBM has partnered with marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather to create useful advertising. Designed for IBM’s “Smarter Cities” campaign, these advertisements peel up from the wall to create a seat, fold over to shield you from rain, and lay over stairs to make rolling a bicycle or suitcase easier. The useful ads are currently in London and Paris, with plans to hit the US in the near future. (There’s also a great video below promoting the campaign!)

The ABC of Architects by Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez

33 Bridges - ABC of Architects

33 Bridges - ABC of Architects ABC

If you need to brush up on your ABC’s here is a creative video highlighting 26 architects, in alphabetical order of course.

Ee Eames – Mid-Century Modern Design Flash Cards

33Bridges-JenRenninger-MidCentury Moden Design FlashCard Deck

Jen Renninger, illustrator, painter and designer, has developed a set of Mid-Century Modern Design flash cards just in time for the 2012 holiday season. Ranging from Aa Aalto to Zz Zeisel, these Med-Men inspired flash cards cover all of the basics of the classic style of Don Draper and Peggy Olson. 

Divine Ice Cream in Divine Packaging

33Bridges-2yolk-Dodoni Ice Cream

2yolk branding and design, a design company located in Athens, Greece, designed the new packaging for Dodoni Ice Cream featuring “see-through” lids.

Heineken Cube – Stackable Beer Bottle

33Bridges - Petit Romain - Heineken Cube

Petit Romain, a product designer from Lyon, France, created a concept for a new packaging design for Heineken. Introducing, Heineken Cube – a new way to package beer that cuts down on wasted space that is left from storing cylinders side by side. The efficient Cube stacks easily for transport and storing and creates a strong visual statement. Let’s see if Heineken picks up on the idea.

Clark&Kent: Ad Agency Headquartered in a Phone Booth

Clark&Kent is the smallest ad agency in the world with headquarters in a phone booth in NYC. Here is their business card – and of course it pops up to be a phone booth.

33Bridges - Clark&Kent - Business Card01