What to Get an Intern Architect for Christmas

As the web gets full of “What to Get an Architect for Christmas” lists  ( as seen on Life of An Architect ) we thought it would be appropriate to provide a “What to Get an Intern Architect for Christmas” list. No longer do uninspired gift givers have to resort to architectural scales and gift cards to Utrecht (although, gift cards to Utrecht are always appreciated), now they can give a thoughtful gift to the special intern architect in their life.


So here it is, this year’s nine things to get your intern architect.


33Bridges-What to buy an Intern Architect - Architexts Volume1

Phonebloks – A Phone Worth Keeping


Phonebloks, a brain child of Dave Hakkens, is a modular cell phone that responds to the growing amount of technology waste. Instead of throwing away your cell phone every few years to upgrade the storage or the camera, why not just upgrade that portion of the phone? Keep the pieces that work, replace the pieces that don’t.

The Trees are Blue in Seattle

33Bridges - Seattle - Blue Trees 1

Blue Trees, Konstantin Dimopoulos, Westlake Park, Seattle, Washington

33 Bridges - Seattle - Blue Trees 2

Blue Trees, Konstantin Dimopoulos, Westlake Park, Seattle, Washington

“I think of the Blue Trees as a project that has a strong regenerative aspect to it, an organic artwork that is continually changing and evolving from site to site. From season to season the trees grow through the cycles of nature and the colors also begin to change and disappear. There is a sense of time as a part of the concept. Time that determines our own existence is measured through these trees.”

-K. Dimopoulos

33 Bridges Author: Damara

All the Beautiful Colors….of Scallop Shells

33Bridges - Taylor Bay Scallops Zoom

Flux Chairs – Foldable, Storable and Beautiful

33 Bridges - Flux Chairs

The Flux Chair is a foldable, storable and beautiful piece of modern furniture. Made from a single sheet of polypropoylene that stores flat, you can bend and clip the sheet of plastic into a stylish and futuristic looking chair. Available in eight colors with options to pair with coffee tables, end tables and stool, the Flux Chair is not only a great place to sit but an interesting conversation starter.

New Archetypes – Seattle Outdoor Public Art

33 Bridges - Seattle Public Art - Broken Columns

New Archetypes, Anne & Patrick Poirier, 1990, Seattle, WA

33 Bridges - Seattle Public Art - Broken Columns

New Archetypes, Anne & Patrick Poirier, 1990, Seattle, WA

33 Bridges Author: Damara

Deconstructed Lamp + Plumen Lightbulb

33Bridges-Plumen Custom Lamp On Off

After receiving multiple Plumen 001 lightbulbs for Christmas, my husband, Steven, and I have been looking for interesting ways to show off the designer bulbs.  We already are using a Plumen 001 lightbulb above our reclaimed barn wood dining room table (the contrast between modern lighting and a traditional farm house is beautiful!). This past weekend my husband went rummaging around in his workshop and created a custom lamp showcasing our favorite lightbulb. Using a harp from a traditional lamp base and a bulb socket that was left over from our wedding decorations,we have our very own deconstructed lamp.

Thanks Steven!

33 Bridges Author: Damara